Thursday, April 12, 2007

What was I thinking?

So last nite in my small group - the dreaded question was asked.

(We're studying if You want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat)

So what was the question? Here it was - what was one thing you struggled with of God being Big?

Personally, It was when I was pissed off at God. I wrestled with questions of doubt, cussed him out, and wondered why some of my friends had to die. It was the whole idea and problem of pain.

Finally - I heard it in the midst of all that cussing, anger, and getting it off my chest ... God wasn't disciplining me but basically said "Are you done, yet?" "Do you feel better now?" I was kind of like "Yeah!". God's response: "Good! Let's get back to work"

So that was it. Do I have times where I go back and do that again? You bet. Is it healthy? For me it is. I think God understands it. He seen it through such people as David, Job, Jonah ... and asking God ... I don't know about this but you're God.

How about you? Ever get angry at God? Ever feel like a trapped Bird and wanting to let God know you just want to get out of the pain and cage of life?


Lydia said...

I've been angry with God when I was struggling with depression and anxiety years ago.

Lydia said...

But that's not to say that I think depression or anxiety are prerequisites for getting angry with God.

purpleserendipity said...

This is so like me and just recently I have been wondering if I was overdoing the ranting to Him even though there was never this sense of Him being annoyed. This is such a relief to know that we can off load to Him at times.

Thank you for posting this.