Thursday, April 26, 2007


This isn't a rant so much as it is a question:

What do you do when you're feeling burned out on life?

I've been looking for work for several months now. I've been invited in for interviews, I just haven't been hired anywhere yet. And I'm beginning to feel worn down by it all. I don't think it's a depression thing as I'm still able to sleep, eat, and enjoy life in general.... but it is adversely affecting my level of creativity and interest in writing.

Any words of wisdom? What can I do to push through this?


Miz Melly said...

Hey Lydia - I hear ya! I'm an actor so my whole life is one long bout of unemployment punctuated by short lived contracts. I also know the hurt of rejection.

Here's some things that have helped me in the past;
1)Morning pages - write three pages of long hand stream of consciousness every morning
2)Artist's Date - take yourself off somewhere fun for an hour once a week that will be a well for your soul to dip into.
3)Read all the books that you would love to but think you never have to the time to
4)Do the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron - morning pages and artist's dates are her idea

Email me via and let me encourage you.

Hang in there... you're not alone

Lydia said...

Thank you.

It's a struggle still. But thank you.

Marie_Christine said...

well I would say and ask, are you feeling ok? Are you able to pay bills or have extra income for this present time? You are able to sleep, eat and have a normal day so I would say first be thankful for that and then trust the Lord to guide you,

God bless,