Monday, April 23, 2007

Nobody's Going Anywhere Just Yet, Meanwhile....

I want to know what others may think of any conclusions we might of come to or drawn in regard to our fellow Christian Koreans trapped in a Stalinist regime such as that-this from a country whose roots are still anchored in faith?What keeps them going? How could they deny themselves, living with a constant nagging hunger (subsisting on corn and salt water rations under the burden of slave labor), that they and their fellow inmates would consider catching a rat for a meal-a good day! They not only endure torture and persecution but also are made to watch unspeakable horror perpetrated against their fellow brothers and sisters around them (biological testing for example).

I’m not going to ask, “why is God allowing this”, cause He certainly is! Instead...You can read the full article here-


Lydia said...

I agree with you that God will prepare us for horrendous circumstances - and he will certainly walk through them with us.

I hope that didn't sound like a brush-off. I really feel for the people in that story and wish there was something concrete I could do to help. I just don't know what. And my limited experiences with suffering have taught me that humans are often incredibly resilient creatures...even when we don't necessarily think so at the moment.

gmarie said...

I'm not so sure this kind of thing can be swept away too easily? During the 80's,that name it & claim it thing had really taken a foot-hold.To me, it was a slick maneuver in order to get around the cross which smacks right up against Ph 3:10 "...that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death" Our new life simply springs out of that. It really just amounts to denial cause suffering isn't so pretty- besides, it interfered with that prosperity doctrine that went hand in hand.
Actually, all suffering aside Lydia, I was trying to narrow the question-
I wanted to know what others thought of any conclusions we might of come to or drawn in regard to their plight -in relation to the way we look at church here?
"So, is it possible we might be perpetuating an unhealthy reliance here, as God is simultaneously sustaining them without any organization under these harsh and brutal conditions"? Is it only different because one is presently having to endure suffering of the kind of magnitude described above...were a few?