Sunday, November 11, 2007

Self Deception

I can surround myself
with books,
with music,
with prayers,
written and
yet I remain far from you.
I can read blogs
and web-sites
hoping to find
a crumb of
words of solace and relief,
yet I remain far from you.
It is only when
I look within,
when I discover the barriers
of self-loathing,
that I understand, the obstacle
to your love
is me!
How easily I declare
myself unworthy,
How easily I reject your love
and fail to understand that
in love you long to
include me,
enfold me,
embrace me.
Come gentle Spirit
Help me to tear down
these walls,
these lies,
this blindness,
that keeps me
from you

Corss posted from Eternal Echoes

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