Friday, August 31, 2007

Freedom poetry

Christine at Abbey of the Arts held a poetry party recently;

This is one of my


True freedom
lights me from within,

and though the cage door

is closed,still I am free!

For these bars do not hold m

eand even in the dark night my

heart will sing.Songs of joy

will burst forth

until the cage

melts away,

and freedom,true freedom,


all that

seeks to hold

me captive….

my other entry is here


Abbey of the Arts said...

Thanks again for participating Sally. I will send you your journal copy on Tuesday. And I love the idea of a "poetry party" -- I may have to incorporate that into my name for it. :-)

Sally said...

Thanks again Abbey- it was a great idea.

karlajean said...

thank you for everything on your blog. I feel nourished and challenged by what I read tonight.
peace, blessing, truth and courage to you....